Fitness Trends for 2017

It’s the time of the year when we set out our fitness goals for the year ahead.

But knowing exactly where to start or find a workout plan to suit you can sometimes be a bit of a minefield!

Personal Trainer, Duval Hendrickson, has seen many workout trends come and go.

And with over 10 years in industry, who better to give us their predictions of what’s going to be big in the world of fitness in 2017?

Here’s Duval’s top five predictions:

5. Functional training

If you’re finding your everyday physical activities a bit harder than you used to, then consider functional training.

Many of my older clients request this but it’s not limited to their age group alone.

It involves activating muscle groups that are used every day and mobilising joints so you become more mobile and agile.

Tip: Focus on movements you perform every day and identify where you might be struggling. For example, getting up from sitting on the sofa might take you longer than it used to because you feel stiffness in your arms/knees/back. Repeat these movements regularly with your trainer or at home to improve your mobility.


4. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has been on the rise for a couple of years now and is equally as popular with my female clients as it is with my male ones.

As you’d imagine, it involves regular weight training and a strict diet to build muscle definition (or gains).

But it’s not for the faint hearted. Bodybuilding often involves a complete lifestyle overhaul, especially if you’re doing it at competition level.

Tip: Bodybuilding takes a very high level of commitment to both your training and your diet. Ask your Fitness Instructor for more information about how to get started


3. Aesthetics Training – ‘Toning up’

‘Toning up’ is essentially getting your body in shape by reducing overall body fat.

The secret to aesthetics training is to concentrate on your general fitness and working all parts of your body.

As with any fitness regime, consistency is the key to reaching your desired goal. Regular workouts with the right combination of cardio, weights and resistance training will get you results.

Tip: Do cardio – raising your heart rate going is proven to help you start shedding pounds. Also, don’t be afraid of weights but know how to use them. Be sure to hit the right intensity and correct number of repetitions when using weights.


2. Powerlifting

This is a form of competitive weightlifting where contestants attempt to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

I saw a massive surge in its popularity last year and I can defiantly see Powerlifting being even bigger in 2017.

Tip: Like any competitive sport, it’s important to master the basics first. Pay close attention to your form and technique. Use mirrors to watch your movements or even ask your gym buddy to film you so you can monitor your progress.


1. Endurance training

Year on year this is by far the most popular form of training requested by clients. A lot of people come to me at this time of year because they’ve signed up to do a 5k, 10k, half or even a full marathon. Getting your body prepared for this requires endurance training which involves running, core exercises and improving your flexibility.

The key to endurance training is carefully planning your workouts over a specified period of time so you can give the best possible performance in your chosen challenge. In fitness, we call this periodisation.

Tip: Give yourself enough time to get ready for the challenge you’ve signed up for.  Again, look at your diet and make sure you’re eating the correct food to keep you fuelled throughout your training and ultimately, for race day itself. Knowing when and how to carb-load is vital so do ask your personal trainer or fitness instructor for advice on this.

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