A Women’s Guide to Dressing Up for Horse Races

There are numerous reasons that people go to watch the races. While the event itself is exciting, it also gives the opportunity for people to dress up and don their best. In many ways, it is almost like a fashion show with everyone attempting to exhibit their excellent taste. So, if you are planning on going to such an event, just how can you compete? Well the tips below will help you to be the belle of the ball:

Focus on Elegance

The key to dressing for such an event is to embody sophistication and elegance. While you certainly are allowed to make a statement with your clothing, remember to keep it modest. If you are wearing a dress, make sure that the hem of the dress hovers around knee level. You should also avoid necklines that are too plunging or awkward cut outs. You may also want to stay away from pieces that are overly glittery or have an abundance of sequins. When in doubt, an elegant sheath dress will work wonders for you.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

One area that you can really get creative is with your accessories. As you have probably witnessed, women in particular, take great pleasure in wearing large and noticeable headpieces and statement jewellery. If you choose this route, you will certainly be met with approval. At the same time, you may not want to wear something that is just a little too loud or heavy. To find a compromise, choose a lovely spring racing hat. It will have you looking chic without being over the top.

Have a Functional Outfit

Speaking of comfort, it is imperative that you are able to move around and relax in your outfit. After all, there is a good chance that you will have to do it for the entire day. You should always keep the weather in mind when dressing for the races. If it is going to be cool, take a pashmina or cardigan with you. While high heeled shows may pull your outfit together, it is best to stick with either wedge platform shoes or kitten heels. You will probably be on grass and soil and you don’t want to get stuck!

Have Fun with Colours

Another instance where you get a bit of leeway is with colours. You can choose to go as bright or as sombre as you wish. To make certain that you avoid any faux pas, opt for shades that are in season. This way, you will not stand out too much. If you are having trouble deciding keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with either black or white.

There, now you know just how to dress to impress on such an occasion.

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